Seven color rose is a Rosaceae plant of Rosaceae, which is not a species. It is the white rose that absorbs all kinds of pigments and forms such a beautiful rainbow rose

This kind of rose has several colors on one flower and feels like flannel; The feeling of color and fluffy is made by artificial means. Because the color is post rendered, sometimes it will fade

Of course, it’s not serious. It’s normal. It’s only discolored after being crushed and damaged. Even normal flowers will fade because they contain pigment

With white rose as the base color and special dyeing technology, seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple are formed. So this kind of rose shape is still ordinary white rose, but the color is more colorful

“Rainbow rose” is a kind of rose developed by Peter Van de werken, a flower company in Holland. It is derived from white rose. The specific cultivation method is to add various edible pigments and dyes into the cultivation water of white rose

The stem of white rose absorbs these dyes, and then the petals absorb them to form such a beautiful rainbow rose. Different from traditional chemical dyes, food and vegetable dyes, “rainbow rose” uses professional flower dyeing formula

The dyeing agent added with special regulating ingredients can prolong the vase life of fresh flowers, at the same time, it can also improve the freshness of leaves, which is more effective with preservatives, which is not available in other products

1、 Introduction: on February 12, 2008, a new colorful rose imported from Holland was added to Beijing flower market. This variety takes white rose as the base color and adopts special dyeing technology to form seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. The price of each branch is 200-300 yuan. Colorful colors, like colorful dreams, represent all the vision of a better life in the future. Rose represents love. The colorful roses better express the girls’ longing for love. Colorful roses must have magic power, and they can surely light the fire of love

Seven color rose is known as the rising color of happiness rose. Rose is the complete carrier of these emotions. She integrates the flower language of seven color rose and symbolizes the colorful love. Colorful rainbow rose represents the flower of happiness! Colorful roses are given to people who believe in love. They are pure and beautiful. They are infused every bit, blooming brightly, and will last forever. The Yihong on the petals is not a clear spring, but a rainbow in the sky. Make a good wish, the colorful light will shine forever. Promised all the vows, never change. Flower is the magic medicine, and love ingredients: kiss the petals, wonderful wishes come true immediately. Both in visual and tactile sense, it is very much like artificial flowers, and it is a real rose

3、 Formation process: seven color rose is based on white rose. Various edible pigments and dyes are added into its cultivation water. The stem of white rose absorbs these dyes and then the petals absorb them to form seven color petals“ “Colorful rainbow rose” is derived from white rose. The specific cultivation method is to add various edible pigments and dyes into the cultivation water of white rose. The colorful rose looks like flannel to the touch. The color and plush feeling are made by artificial means, but the petals will not fade. This is a real flower



“Colorful red rose” is one of the more popular flowers in recent years. In fact, it is not an independent flower variety, but a kind of colorful flower that has been artificially treated like immortalized flower. Because it has seven different colors, it is also called “colorful rose”

Rainbow rose look colorful rose, feel like flannel, color and plush feeling is made by artificial means, but petals will not fade, this is a real flower. The colors of these petals are not sprayed or traced. Instead, they artificially dye the dye into the stems of plants and grow naturally through the stems. p>



“彩虹玫瑰”是荷兰一家花卉公司Peter Van de werken开发的一种玫瑰。它来自白玫瑰。具体的栽培方法是在白玫瑰的栽培水中加入各种食用色素和染料,白玫瑰的茎吸收这些染料,然后花瓣吸收,形成美丽的彩虹玫瑰。不同于传统的化学染料、食品和植物染料,“彩虹玫瑰”采用专业的花卉染色配方