The ancient houses are traditional wooden buildings, which were built in the Southern Song Dynasty and Ming and Qing Dynasties. The oldest person is over 700 years old. It is a miracle that more than 80 of them are still standing under the humid air in the south

But there was no water. Instead, a huge osmanthus tree came into view. It looked like an inverted brush. Its branches were erect and tall. It was almost to the top. The branches and leaves were like a girl’s hair, and they were luxuriant. Osmanthus fragrans is easy to fork in the low place, so it is rare to straight up without slanting

An inquiry, osmanthus trees in this mountain a master, “Guifeng” name also thanks to it. The reason for this is that the surname Cai lives together, and it is called Cailing. In the Qing Dynasty, the literati came here to play. When they met the osmanthus trees, there was the auspicious omen of the scholar’s winning the laurel, so they called it “Guifeng”

Under the osmanthus trees is a small bridge. There are stone chairs on the side of the bridge. On both sides of the stone chairs are the stone steps leading to the people. Although there is no “Qushui Liuqi, Dougong cloister” of the small tune, but there are small bridges, water, old trees, people’s real life. People in the village often gather under trees to talk about ancient times. Children wash their feet and play in the water under the bridge. When they are tired and sleepy, they lie on stone chairs and have a sleep. There is cool wind in summer and bright moon in autumn. Yuetaotao, leisurely, is better than Tao Yuanming’s free life

Ancient residential buildings are scattered on the hillside and connected by stone steps. The stone steps were not made of large stones, but were paved with pebbles of different sizes, reflecting people’s pragmatic and natural attitude at that time

Stone steps in the years of time, polished, shiny, more solid vicissitudes. Stepping on the soles of modern industrial shoes seems to be a dialogue between modern people and the ancients. The cordial and crisp notes jump onto the ancient walls and reverberate in the path of the visible. If the sky floating some rain, people look forward to the clove encounter

Among the buildings in the group, the largest one is “Cai’s ancestral hall”, which covers an area of more than 600 square meters. It was built by Cai Maozhong, Prime Minister of Ming Dynasty, when he returned to his hometown after he became a scholar. It has a history of more than 500 years. The wooden and stone doors are carved with figures, landscapes, flowers and birds. The figures seem to be ready to come out, the landscapes are on the screen, and the flowers and birds are bathed in the spring scenery. These are not only exquisite, but also show a superb level of technology, is worthy of the “building king”

From the “ancestral hall of Cai family” to other small houses, the vision already has the problem of “from frugality to luxury, from luxury to frugality”. Edge stone steps continue to circle up to the hillside, only to see the same house, visual fatigue replaced the previous novelty and excitement

Just when I felt that Jingjin people were about to return, a long mountain wind was blowing. In the wind, there was a fragrance of flowers, which quickly penetrated into my heart and opened up. It was surging and steaming in the viscera, and my just descending spirit suddenly rose

I just walked thirty or fifty steps along the concrete road, bypassing a bamboo forest. Suddenly I was enlightened, and the fragrant wind came into my arms

Fang had the joy of “another village with dark willows and bright flowers”. The incredible spectacle came again. On one side, the valley as narrow as an ox horn was full of colorful roses, filling the originally silent valley. Silent, but boisterous, vigorous

What is rare is precious. In this bleak season, it is an extravagant desire for years to open one or two flowers in the flowerpots that are tightly covered and slowly raised at home, decorate and adjust the home, and actively calm some anxious emotions

They are not elegant, each branch to the empty place efforts to extend, some flat to the ground, to expand around, some to the air to run high, each extension of the branches, are scrambling to hold one after another a huge and beautiful flowers

Some are born of single flower, like a proud princess, lonely and independent, proud of others; There were three or five flowers in their arms. Their thick branches were like huge fruits. They were so oppressed that they had to hang their heads and breathe. Clusters of red roses, especially eye-catching, a branch is like a torch lit, the sky and earth shine red

I roam in the vast sea of flowers, red just in front of me, white and ran into the eyes. This white pure as snow, just like a box of A4 paper, without a trace of impurities, let people love reverence. Move a few steps, purple is like a glow, so cool and arrogant, people love to surrender. As soon as he turned his head, Huang looked like a neon dress. It was magnificent, but it was not vulgar, so people loved it purely

As you step around, black, golden, orange, jump into your eyes. I have forgotten the blue sky and white clouds above my head and the sound of the water in the streams around me. I am walking in the colorful space. I feel relaxed and happy

Fragrance with the flowers, some from the ground, some from the air down, but into the air. In which, like a flower bath in dry cleaning, the fragrance of flowers all-round no dead end to qinrun me. I am already covered with the fragrance of flowers, and I can’t shake it off. In this way, when I go home, will my wife ask me why I have grown “flower heart” and where I have gone to “drink flower wine” and “sing flower songs”

I think it’s rare to steal half a day’s leisure. I have to indulge myself. The eye meets it, and the nose smells it. I look around with my eyes full of colors, but I’m afraid that my breath will make the fragrance of the flowers turbid. I inhale and exhale slowly

A good wind depends on its strength, and a good prospect is achieved by climbing high. A high cliff burst into my sight, and I walked towards it. Stand still, the ancient dwellings are at your feet. Overlooking the ancient dwellings, it is also a taste, only to see a number of ancient buildings, but not crowded chaos, white walls and black tiles, logo, elegant. His head was covered with luxuriant forest and bamboo, just like the jadeite agate on the headdress of a rich family, graceful and dignified

The picture in front of us is like a huge Fuzhou cork painting. The ancient buildings are carved out by craftsmen and glued on according to the most reasonable aesthetic angle and position. They are harmonious, steady and meaningful





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